George Pavel

George Paul, the founder of the Dreamers Racquet Club, a former performance player, with excellent results in all categories during the junior year, former nr. 6 national, gave up of professional tennis at the age of 19 to devote himself to coaching. Becomes a coach at the Enache International Academy Tennis Academy and remains in the club for 5 years, gaining experience both in terms of coaching and management of a tennis club. Former trainer of the National Training and Termination School of coaches where he takes his tennis coach certificate and shortly the PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) certificate. Becomes shareholder of “Tennis Club Joy” in the year 2014 and in 2016 he establishes the club where he is the majority shareholder “Dreamers Racquet Club”, which has a great success in a short time and over 300 members enrolled. In terms of performance, George Paul trains many performance athletes, including Alexandrescu Yannick, who is currently no. 1 national in the 10 year old boys category. Everything has gone from a dream to have his own tennis club, a place where everyone feels good and plays this wonderful sport with pleasure, a place where you are welcomed as a family member. We are ready to offer you the best service to be pleased. We have the best coaches at your disposal and the best location: Baneasa Forest.

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